CNC Angular Wheel Head Grinder


Angular Wheel Head AWH 60 CNC AWH 100 CNC AWH 150 CNC
Straight Wheel Head BGE 260 CNC BGE 260 CNC BGE 350 CNC
Center Height 130 130 175/225
Dist. between Center 250 350/600 1000/1600/2000
Max Wheel width 60 100/125 150/200
Grinding Wheel dia. 510 600 660/760


CNC External Grinding machine is available with both Straight Wheel Head and Angular Wheel Head grinding applications. Its medium duty machine with high responsive slides suitable for grinding of shaft type parts. Machine is used for high precision grinding requirement for close geometrical and diametrical values. Machine is equipped with soft tools to facilitate it’s operation and CNC programming in most easy manner. . Suitable for precision grinding of shaft type components with profiled wheel, multiple plunges or traverse grinding.

  • High static and dynamic stable machine structure using Damping Concrete Polymer Composite Machine base, Highly effective for vibration sensitive application and critical roughness values.
  • Depending upon models machine is available in capacities (ABC – 300mm to 2000mm).
  • All machines are with high response guide-ways with very precision micron response.
  • Dressing system thru diamond disc / roll is optionally available.
  • Machine is available with higher cutting speed up to 60mps as optional.
  • Built-in motor wheel spindle are also available on request.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Lowest running cost.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Eco friendliness.


Machine suitable for part : Motor shaft, Hub,  Spindle, Input shaft, Output shaft, Differential housing, 4 wheeler steering shaft, Bevel gear,  2 wheeler crankshaft, main shaft, 4 wheeler Drive shaft, Axles, Spider, UJ Cross, CV joints, Steering knuckle,  4 wheeler cam shaft, Gear shift drum ,  Turbo Charger shaft, Stub axle, Worm shaft, Pinion shaft. Hydro pump, Generator Crankshaft, Balancer Shaft, 4 wheeler rotor shaft, Fuel injection part.