CNC Journal Grinder

Center Height 175 225
Dist. between Center 700 1000
Grinding Wheel dia. 750 1060
Wheel Spindle Power 22 30


High production machine designed for Crankshaft industry for Journal Grinding application, unique  design of bed (Slant Table) makes it most rigid structure among industry to withstand for unbalanced dynamic weight and higher cutting forces required for Crankshaft. Wide span of Work Head and Tailstock further strengthen job rigidity during grinding operation. CNC system comprise of 2 channel and 5 axes. High precision dressing system on LM guides. Bestek designed software make it more simple for easy grinding programming and corrections.

  • High static and dynamic stable machine structure using Damping Concrete Polymer Composite Machine base, most effective for vibration sensitive application.
  • Highly rigid Work Head & Tailstock for stability during grinding of unbalanced parts.
  • Dynamically and thermally stable wheel spindle with wheel OD of 1000mm.
  • Slant table & strong wheel spindle for highest rigidity & MRR
  • Precision dressing system for accurate merging profile & crowning
  • Gauge & flagging mounting allows free space for job handling.
  • Most rigid & efficient machine in its segment.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Lowest running cost.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Eco friendliness.