CNC Vertical Lathe


Swing Diameter 350 475 575 750
Max Turning Diameter 300 400 600 650
Max. Turning length 300 400 600 600
Max Spindle Nose A2-8 A2-8 A2-11 A2-11
Spindle Power (KWS) 11 11 18-22 18-22


Machine is suitable for accurate & precision machining of medium and heavy weight work piece. CAD optimized High static and dynamic stable machine structure using Damping Concrete Polymer Composite Machine base ensures minimum vibrations. Heavy duty work spindle.

  • Most effective use of plant space because of Compact foot print and clear side.
  • High precision Preloaded Heavy duty Linear Roller guide-ways for high stiffness and rigidity.
  • Higher tool life because of rigid and balanced structure.
  • Easy setting / changing of fixture.
  • Machine gives stable dimensional and geometrical accuracies and shorter cycle time without concern about horizontal vibration even for heavy job.
  • Powerful axes drive.
  • Powerful tool clamping.
  • Convenient escaping of chips.
  • Machine allows easy checking / measurement at machining position of work piece.
  • Total enclosure of carriage / saddle.
  • Machine is designed for maximum material removal rate.