Internal Grinding with  External Wheel Head


Swing Diameter 300 415
work Head Spindle Taper A2-6 A2-8
Max chuck size 250 350
Ex. Grinding Wheel dia. 510 510


This machine is equipped High Frequency Internal Grinding spindle along with an External wheel, Ideally suitable for Chucking type components which have multiple operations with close geometrical accuracies to be completed in  single chucking / setup, i.e.  (Bore + Front Face + Back Face + Taper Cone) or similar application.

  • High static and dynamic stable machine structure using Damping Concrete Polymer Composite Machine base, Highly effective for vibration sensitive application and critical roughness values.
  • Carriage moves on highly stiff and rigid Precision Roller Guide-ways with bigger span for best results of machine repeat positioning and fine response for precision grinding and higher speed.
  • Carriage are driven by precision stretched ball screw to achieve better accuracy.
  • Rigid hollow work spindle with A2-8 taper.
  • Swivel work head
  • Lifetime protection of spindle and slides against coolant and fumes with non-wear parts.
  • Convenient approach to diamond touch.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Lowest running cost.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Eco friendliness.